Nate “The Natural” Richardson (now 11-4, 5 KO’s) of Minneapolis lost a controversial unanimous decision last Saturday night to France’s Victor Pinto (now 76-29-1, 23 KO’s). The Glory Kickboxing match was televised on ESPNews and took place at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York. Richardson’s dominating punches appeared to overwhelm the kicks that Pinto was credited for despite most of those blows having hit the elbows and guard of the Minnesotan. Aside from the surprising scorecards, it was an entertaining three round fight from both sides.

Richardson, 27, got his head snapping punches rolling early in round one. Pinto on the other hand showed that he was going to try to kick his way to a win.
The pressure and dominating punches from Richardson continued into the second round. That is not to say he wasn’t landing knee’s and kicks of his own, but the clean punches again appeared to push him into the lead. Pinto took some heavy shots and fired back with thudding kicks, most of which Richardson blocked or walked through.
Richardson’s jab was on point and he continued to pepper Pinto with punches in round three. The final round went much like the previous but even more dominant toward Richardson. Despite Richardson landing 106 of 157 punches and nearly as many kicks, all three judges scored the fight for Pinto 29-28.