Derek Varin (Cellar Gym) impressively won the inaugural 3soteric 172 pound Muay Thai title last Saturday night in Mound, MN. Varin’s transition from MMA to full-time Muay Thai couldn’t have gone better as he turned in a top-notch performance against tough Lion Fight veteran Ben Peak of California. It was a back and forth battle to start, with both fighters landing heavily.
The intense action continued into the second round with Varin having the edge. His striking and range were on point although Peak stayed in the fight with big shots of his own. That is until a nasty spinning elbow to the head by Varin dropped Peak hard. Peak continued to try to fight back as he made it to his feet but wasn’t able to recover from the blow. Varin busted the nose of Peak in the process of breaking him down while knees and elbow’s forced an end to the fight at 2:01 of round three.

In the co-main event of the night, California’s Brandol Mendoza stopped Christopher Collins of Two Harbors, MN at 2:35 of round three. Mendoza captured the inaugural 3soteric featherweight title with the win.
The speed of both featherweight fighters was apparent from the get-go. Collins showed a lot of movement early while Mendoza was more straightforward with his striking. After the action progressed midway, a hard left knee to the body from Mendoza dropped Collins. Collins fought back but was tagged a few more time. Collins showed his toughness by not taking a step back but Mendoza had great composer while landing hard knee’s, kicks, and punches.
Collins begins round two by switching from southpaw to orthodox find a way to land while in range. Mendoza wasn’t put off by the switch up and kept a high guard while walking forward with more thudding punches and kicks. Collins turned up his punch output but his shots didn’t have the same sting as Mendoza’s by the time round two came to a close.
Mendoza’s right low kick continued to find it’s target in round three and shots became more vicious as the round progressed. Collins’ movement got him back into the fight however as he was beginning to find a rhythm and range to land. The success was short lived though as a chopping right kick to the leg dumped Collins twice to the canvas. More leg kicks moments later punished Collins and dropped him two more times. You could sense something big coming and it was delivered by a huge knee to the head by Mendoza that put Collins down. The referee didn’t need to count and quickly waived the fight off, giving the California native the KO victory.

Zack Varela vs. Alphonse Apollo Weah (154-159 Jr. Middleweight) Unified (Glory), 3 rds
Result: Weah split decision over Varela (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)
Round 1: Nice leg kicks traded by both fighters to kick off the action. Weah set the tone of the fight as he marched forward on the attack and Varela returned fire while backing up. The opening round was a toss-up and tough to call.
Round 2: Varela pawed with his jab to start round two and Weah continued to press forward with leg kicks. Varela’s orthodox straight right hand landed nicely to begin the round. Weah seemed to sense another close round coming to an end and landed a lunging head punch with the round winding down. Varela, stunned by the shot, went back to the ropes at the bell.
Round 3: The fight to this point was tough to score. Overall, Varela threw slightly more punches but Weah’s kicks and punches were more damaging. Weah’s pressure was paying off now in round three and Varela appeared to slow down. Varela fought back but Weah put his foot on the gas and won round three and the fight, closing the action strong.

Jonah Ruby vs. Collin Connery (173-179 Light Heavy Weight) Unified (Glory), 3 rds
Result: Ruby TKO over Connery at 1:11 of round 1.
Connery came out swinging for the fences but was buzzed by a straight headshot from Ruby. A right kick followed by a left kick to the body dropped Connery to his knees about a minute into the He was unable to beat the count, giving Ruby the TKO win.

Nathaniel Kosberg vs. Dale Walters (138-142 Light Welterweight) Muay Thai rules, 3 rds
Result: Kosberg TKO over Walters at 0:41 of round 1.

Quinton Lloyd vs. Tayron Richards (128-132 Lightweight) International Kickboxing rules, 3 rds
Result: Lloyd unanimous decision over Richards (29-27, 29-27, 30-26).

Eli Banks vs. Damian Herrera (143-147 Welterweight) International Kickboxing rules, 3 rds
Result: Banks TKO over Herrera at 1:23 of round 3.

Isaiah Cruz vs. Michael Selle (128-132 Lightweight) International Kickboxing rules, 3 rds
Result: Cruz unanimous decision over Selle (29-26, 29-26, 29-26).

Nick Peterson vs. Christopher Dozer Defoe (236+ Super Heavyweight) International Kickboxing rules, 3 rds.
Result: Defoe majority decision over Defoe (29-27, 29-27, 28-28).

Naidene Barlow vs. Kali Underdahl (138-142 Light Welterweight) International Kickboxing rules, 3 rds
Result: Three round draw



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