travis wiuff


Rochester, Minnesota’s Travis “Diesel” Wiuff (77-21) is scheduled to face fellow UFC veteran Travis Sims on Friday, January 12th, 2017 in Saint Petersberg, Russia. Wiuff has fought all over the world throughout his colorful career and has been featured on countless high level promotions. The 39 year old heavyweight will meet Sims in a card being called “Gender Wars”, with the main event set as a clash between a women named Tess Barrall taking on an average Joe with no fight background. Tess herself had no prior fight experience before training for the fight.

The fight card will be shown in the US on Friday night via stream from a warehouse in Russia with no audience according to promoter and former well known Minnesota combatant Brad Kohler. There will be no cage or ring, just a boundary that the combatants must stay within. You can tune in to to watch the action.