Driller Promotions and the Shooting Star Casino team up again on February 10, 2018 in Mahnomen, MN. Driller sold out the Casino’s ballroom last Fall and another great show is expected this weekend. No Mercy VII can also be watched live on Flo Combat beginning at 5:30 PM.

Former Upper Midwest golden gloves champion Jesse Wannemacher (3-1, fighting out of Apex BJJ and Jungle Boy Boxing) is featured in his first MMA main event against Wisconsin prospect Montel Jackson (3-0, fighting out of Pura Vida). The featured pro fight is scheduled for 3 rounds.

Wannemacher hasn’t fought since the summer of 2016 but says that wasn’t by choice. The boxer turned mixed martial artist has dealt with injuries and opponents falling out on him. Before Jackson stepped in, Wannemacher’s original opponent Ode Osbourne was the latest to be forced off his opponent list last week.


“Yeah it’s been really frustrating, I haven’t fought for about a year and a half” said the Fergus Falls native. “I’ve got this horrible curse of opponents pulling out a week or two before my fights lately and have had a couple injuries that I’ve been heeling up. Right on cue last Friday, I got the message that my opponent Ode Osbourne pulled out with a staph infection. Luckily they were able to find a super tough opponent for me on short notice. Montel is a really solid opponent from what I’ve seen. Really good muay thai and a good wrestler so it should be a battle. I’m expecting a war! I’m really looking forward to getting back in there after the long layoff. The off time has been good because it’s given me a lot of time to focus on my jiu jitsu and wrestling while helping coach and teach other fighters.”
The Shooting Star Casino is only an hour and a half from Wannemacher’s home town of Fergus Falls, MN and he is expecting a great crowd to cheer him on. Wannemacher says that training camp was excellent and he is ready to show off improvements in all aspects of his fight game.
Montel Jackson however says that he isn’t leaving Minnesota without a win over the local favorite. Despite taking the fight on a weeks notice, Jackson says that he is in peak shape and expects an entertaining striking fight when the bell for their main event rings.
I took this Jesse Wannemacher fight over the weekend, but I’ve known about him for awhile” said Jackson. “My coaches told me about him last year because he’d had another fight fall through and I was going to step up, but it didn’t get done for one reason or another. I know he’s a good standup guy, and that’s really what I’ve been looking for. All of my pro opponents to date have tried to take our fights to the ground. This guy isn’t really like that. I’m confident Jesse and I will put on an entertaining striking fight. I stay in shape all the time. I’m walking around at about 150 pounds, no matter the time of year. I’ve been working with conditioning coach, Nick Billegas, who is really good and trains under Nick Curson. He’s got me in phenomenal shape. I didn’t take time off from my last fought since I had another one coming up, so when my coach Jake asked me about fighting Wannemacher, I told him to do his thing and get it done”
 Jackson wrestled at a high level in high school and says he could have gone to college to continue, butMONTEL JACKSON chose a different path. The Milwaukee fighter started training under striking coach Solo Acosta and saw how explosive his hands could be. He and Acosta are now training at Pura Vida BJJ and MMA and his career has now taken off. Jackson says that seeing his teammates on the World stage such as Tim Hiley, Zak Ottow, and Leah Letson has given him confidence that he can make the leap soon too.
Jackson was already set to be featured on Driller Promotion’s March 10th, 2018 show in Austin, MN prior to taking the fight with Wannemacher. His opponent is Missouri’s Daron McCant (4-0). Jackson told Minnesota Fight News that he was training for that fight before switching gears and having his sights set on Saturday’s bout versus Wannemacher.
“Yeah, that’s a fight I was getting ready for already when this one came up. As long as I come out healthy, that’s still my plan. That guy is another good striker from the Glory Gym. I feel like now is my time and that to get noticed, I’ve got to fight tough guys. These next two guys are tough. I’m just ready to show that I’m tougher.”
Closing thoughts from Montel Jackson:I just want everyone watching to know that I’m the guy you can’t blink when I fight. That violence that people crave when they watch mma, that’s me. I’m really thankful to SEG for giving me the opportunity to showcase what I can do, and I look forward to putting on a show for the fans!”
Closing thoughts from Jesse Wannemacher: This is my first MMA main event and it’s put a lot of motivation into this fight camp. I always come into my fights in excellent shape and well prepared and I feel like its kind of cliche but I’m easily in the best shape and most prepared of my life for this fight.


NO MERCY VII February 10, 2018 Shooting Star Casino Mahnomen, MN


Jesse Wannemacher (3-1) Apex BJJ/Jungle Boy vs Montel Jackson Pura Vida(2-0) 135 lbs.

Ryot Waller (2-3) Second City MMA vs Collin Huckbody (2-1) Revolution  185 lbs.


Driller Promotions Middleweight Title Fight

Joel Bauman (4-0) Spartan Martial Arts vs Manatua Lemaire (4-0) MAP 185 lbs.


Katie Koenig (0-1) Start BJJ vs. TBD 135 lbs.

Nick Joramo (1-2) Sioux Man Gym vs Daniel Loeken (1-0) Revolution 315 lbs.

Andrew Yatskis (1-0) Jamestown vs Noah Hawkins (0-1) MAP 155 lbs.

Derek Gottlieb (2-5) St Cloud Boxing Club vs Noah Landrus (2-0) Revolution 170 lbs.

Hunter Pederson (0-1) ACA vs Michael Freyling (0-2) MAP 145 lbs.

James Norris (0-0) St Cloud Boxing Club vs Keefer Bender (1-0) Revolution 280 lbs.

Aaron Shaw (4-9) Valhalla vs Chris Renwick (2-2) MAP 210 lbs.