Jeff Hughes (9-1) of Ohio won a grueling 5 round unanimous decision over Saint Cloud heavyweight Maurice “The Pirate” Greene (5-2) last Friday night in Minneapolis, MN. The fight was the main event for LFA 38.  Two judges saw the fight 50-45 which seemed too wide. The third judge also had the fight for Hughes at 48-47 which is more telling of how the action went.
Greene’s height made it hard for the champion to connect cleanly at times and his elbow crashed into Hughes’ head to score during the fight. Hughes did his best work when he trapped Greene against the cage, sapping the challenger’s strength and landing inside strikes. Greene attempted a few submissions off of his back in a last-ditch effort to steal the title but Hughes continued to grind until the end.

Middleweight Bevon Lewis (5-0) remained unbeaten in the co-main event by winning a three round unanimous decision over Collin Huckbody (2-1) of Saint Cloud, MN. Lewis was on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series last August and stayed calm and cool as he outpointed the always tough Huckbody. Huckbody came up short against one of the Nations top prospects in Lewis and will bounce back. Final scores read (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

brown, huckbody

Bevon Brown lands a right hand to Collin Huckbody.

Tat Romero (29-6) of Hibbing, MN came out of retirement and outlanded Dane Sayers (12-4) of Fargo, ND via three round unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). Romero’s takedowns and wrestling were expected to be on display but the veteran largely used his striking to outpoint Sayers over the course of the fight. Sayers later admitted that he was surprised by Romero’s strategy. Sayers was game as he came into the fight off of a long layoff and rallied late but it was not enough. Romero would pick up the well-earned win.

tat romero

Tat Romero slams Dane Sayers.

Charlie Brown defeated Chris Bachmeier by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:18 of Round 3. The two 175 pound fighters immediately traded heavy punches and kicks to throughout the opening round. Round two was highlighted by more striking until Bachmeier was able to score a takedown. Bachmeier was unable to secure a submission or gain control before the round ended. Brown was able to take the fight to the mat, take Bachmeier’s back, and sink in the fight-ending submission in the third round.

Charlie Brown lands a left to Chris Bachmeier.

Welterweight Ashkan Morvari won by TKO over Cody Lincoln (Ref Stoppage – Strikes) at 2:53 of Round 2. Lincoln tried his best to make it a fight but Morvari was too strong when the fighters traded while standing and just as punishing when the fight went to the ground.

ashkan morvari

Ashkan Morvari lands a left to Cody Lincoln.

Mallory Martin defeated Linsey Williams by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:18 of Round 2 in a strawweight battle. This fight turned out to be one of inches as both women attempted to end the fight by submission. The fighters locked up against the cage to begin the action. Martin ended up in the guard of Williams and was able to move to mount after defending an armbar attempt from Williams. Williams skillfully snuck out of danger and took the back of Martin, inching toward a rear naked choke before the round came to an end.
Martin reversed things in round two, taking Williams’ back with plenty of time to work. Martin sunk the choke in tight and forced the Minnesotan to tap.

Mallory Martin def. Linsey Williams.

Heavyweight Josh Parisian (6-2) of Michigan won by TKO over Zach Thumb (4-4) of Fargo, ND at 2:39 into Round 1. Parisian dominantly brought Thumb to the canvas where he rained down a two-fisted assault which forced the referee stoppage.

Josh Parisian def. Zach Thumb

Kenn Glenn (8-4) of Minneapolis, MN outpointed Michigan’s Josh Shaw (3-2), winning a split decision over three solid rounds of action (29-27 Glenn, 29-28 Shaw, 30-26 Glenn). The rounds were competitive with Glenn getting the nod when the fight went to the ground. However, the 165-pound matchup saw the two fighters engage on their feet for the majority of the time, with Glenn’s boxing coming into play. Despite a broken finger, Glenn landed the more telling punches to earn the victory. It was also a solid showing from Shaw who landed some nice punches of his own in the fight.

Davi Young (1-0) of Mankato, MN was impressive in stopping Max Bradley (1-2) of Saint Cloud, MN by TKO at 2:06 of round 1. Young forced Bradley to the cage after avoiding a high kick but was caught in a loose guillotine. After working out of it on the ground, both fighters stood back up. A few good head shots were landed by both fighters before Young landed a looping right to the temple of Bradley, dropping him the canvas. Young rained down right hands until the fight was stopped.

Caleb Merth (1-0) knocked out Kasim Khan (0-1) at 3:08 of round 1. Khan, who looked noticeably smaller than Merth, was constantly moving while throwing hard punches and kicks. Merth had difficulty connecting flush early but stayed calm and stalked his moving opponent before landing a crashing fight-ending right hand to the head.

Josh Kohler (1-0) powered his way to a three round unanimous decision win over Tom Krentzel (2-3). Krentzel was crafty in finding ways to keep Kohler from doing serious damage. However, Kohler was machine-like as he scored points with both takedowns, and strikes.

145 pounder Bobbie Lee French 1-0) of Saint Cloud, MN won a three round unanimous decision over Ryan Ferguson (1-2) of Minneapolis, MN. After three competitive rounds, the judge’s scores read (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

In the nights opening fight between two Minneapolis fighters, Mike Munos (1-0) defeated Pengi Mboma (0-1) by rear naked choke at 2:23 of round 2.