Surging lightweight prospect Brandon Jenkins (11-5) gets a crack at the LFA lightweight title this Friday brandon jenkinsnight at LFA 34. The 26-year-old Minnesotan challenges 155 pound LFA king Robert Watley (9-1) in the main event at the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, MN. Fans can get tickets at the door, online, or watch live on AXS TV.

Whether it’s boxing, Muay Thai, or in most cases MMA, Jenkins has blown fans away with his unpredictable and unconventional style. That along with his no-fear approach to fighting recently earned him the nickname “The human highlight reel”. Jenkins set up the title shot with a thrilling win over Carl Wittstock last December. Taking the crown from Watley will be no easy task however as the battle-tested champion is on a 9 fight win streak after dropping his pro debut.
Brandon Jenkins discussed some of his biggest fights to date as well as Friday night’s title fight and more. Read what colorful fighter had to say on the eve of LFA 34.


You scored two big wins in 2017. One against Billy Christianson, and the other against Carl Wittstock. Both fights were grudge match type fights with lots of pre-fight words being exchanged. Which win was more satisfying for you and why.

Billy was the bigger win personally but Carl was more important career wise because it earned me the title shot. I think Carl was just saying a lot of stuff to get the fight rolling and hype it up. But the fight definitely delivered. I’d say I was only about 70% for the Carl Wittstock fight because I had the flu the week of the fight. You can expect the best version of me on March 2nd.

You are not a fan of the of the outcome between you and Jeff Peterson last year. Talk about that fight.

Me and Jeff had a close fight and he’s a hard working, tough fighter. I learned a lot from that fight and I’m over it honestly. Hopefully we meet up again one day and we can settle it.


There are now a few nicknames that have been given to you. The newest one being “The Human Highlight Reel”. Talk about the highlight reel approach you take into each fight that has made you a fan favorite.

Josh Barnett gave me that nickname. He said I was creative and unorthodox . I throw whatever, whenever and that I’m like a human highlight reel out there.

Pick the next nickname that you feel will describe you following the upcoming fight against Rob Watley at LFA 34.

The human highlight reel fits my crowd pleasing style. You can call me anything but you can’t call me boring. I’m Not out there to play chess, I’m out there to find new ways to hurt you.


If you were to be stranded on an Island and could only bring one thing with you to survive, what would it be?

Vaseline! (laughing)

You and Robert Watley have been respectful toward each other in lead up interviews. He says he is not taking you lightly. But he also discussed hopeful plans to go to the UFC after fighting you. Do you believe Watley is a UFC caliber fighter? What can you tell us about him and what kind of fight are you expecting?

Robert Watley seems like a nice guy and I’m a nice guy also but March 2nd, we’re going to go out there and disrespect each other for 25 minutes. He’s a smart guy and he’s a thinker like me. He likes the fight from both stances. He brings a lot of pressure and likes to grind his opponents down similar to Jeff Peterson. Me and my team have a game plan that we are confident in. I think we’re both UFC caliber fighters and that’s why we are in the main event. I think there are at least five or six fighters on the card that are UFC caliber. You have Jordan Griffin on the card along with Kelly Schmitz and Travis Perzynski.


Watley says he will take the fight to the later rounds to test your conditioning. He wants to test your ability to keep up the fast pace you set in your fights. This is a five round championship fight. Does the fight being five rounds change anything in your approach to this fight?

Me and Robert have lots of different set ups to our strikes and clinch. I’m going to have to go out there and feel the first round out and see what he’s about. From there on, me and my team will make adjustments.


You train at ATT Savage with some savage competitors. Talk about the fighters that have helped prepare you for this LFA title shot.

Yeah, I haven’t stop getting better at American Top Team. We have a lot of collegiate wrestlers in there and those guys always seem to be my Achilles’ heel. I’m training along side fellow LFA fighter Ashkan Movari and Josh Kohler (8-1) who will be making his LFA debut in April downtown at the Armory. Robbie Gotreau has been in the gym for me a lot this camp and is teasing about a come back also. I’m super grateful for these guys and Coach Eric (Aasen).


Anything you would like to add in closing?

I’d like to thank my sponsors, Jet Alert, Dethrone, AC Motors, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and T-Shirts and More. I’d like to send a special shout-out to Jesse Kelley, who’s the best combat sports photographer in the Midwest. Thanks to him, I have a bunch of amazing shots to show my kids one day.



Currently Announced Main Card (Televised on AXS TV at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT):

Main Event | Lightweight Title Bout (155 lb)
– Robert Watley (10-1) vs. Brandon Jenkins (11-5)

Co-Main Event | Lightweight Bout (155 lb)
– Travis Perzynski (22-9) vs. Trey Ogden (9-2)

Featherweight Bout (145 lb)
– Jordan Griffin (14-5) vs. Darrick Minner (20-7)

Featherweight Bout (145 lb)
– Nate Jennerman (10-3) vs. John DeVall (15-8)

Women’s Flyweight Bout (125 lb)
– Kelly Kobold (10-5) vs. Katy Collins (7-3)

Featherweight Bout (155 lb)
– Bobby Lee (7-1) vs. Nick Ammerman (4-0)

Middleweight Bout (185 lb)
– Tim Hiley (5-0) vs. Willie Whitehead (2-1)

Undercard @ 5:00PM CST
Pro Undercard Bouts (3×5 rds)

Heavyweight Bout
Patrick Martin (5-3) vs. Calyn Hull (2-0)

Middleweight Bout
Wayman Carter (7-7) vs. Alton Cunningham (4-0)

Amateur Bouts

Bantamweight Bout
Zach Buros-Nash (7-3) vs. Eliot Jurries (5-2)

Flyweight Bout
Christina Ricker (3-3) vs. Jordan Nickelatti (3-1)

Catchweight Bout (120)
Daniel Soriano (1-0) vs. Tyus White (1-0)

Catchweight Bout (175)
Ben Ross (7-3) vs. Joey Hart (2-0-1)

Featherweight Bout
Thomas Vievering (0-0) vs. Zak Flessas (0-1-1)

Catchweight Bout (195 lbs.)
Rodney Nash (5-4) vs. Alexander Brown (3-2)

Featherweight Bout
Angel Pacheco (7-4) vs. Bryan Bautista (5-2)