LFA Heavyweight #1 contender Maurice “The Pirate” Greene (5-1) of Saint Cloud, MN will challenge champion Jeff “Lights maurice greeneOut” Hughes this Friday night at The Armory in downtown Minneapolis. The main event between Greene and Hughes headline’s fourteen additional bouts (updated list below) with the main portion of the show to be televised live on AXS TV.
Greene along with the rest of the combatants will officially weigh-in today at 2 pm and face-off again at 6 pm tonight. The later weigh-in/face-offs will also be shown live on AXS TV.

Maurice Greene was born in Virginia but moved a lot as a kid because his father was in the military. He grew up in Broadalbin, New York and says he didn’t stand out as an athlete growing up (although his brother played D1 Football). The 6’7″ Greene got into mixed martial arts by chance and quickly fell in love with the sport. Green now resides in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

“The move to Minnesota was because I was doing more traveling with Glory Kickboxing” Greene told Minnesota Fight News. “My fiancé is from Minnesota and her family is also here. So it was better than her being in Chicago and alone when I was away.”
Greene is undefeated (2-0) with LFA and brings a well-rounded arsenal to the cage. What makes Greene such a formidable opponent is not just his size, but all of the different arts he has succeeded in.
“I’m a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu under professor Brock Larson. I also do Thai boxing and if your head coach is Brock Larson, you have no choice but to learn how to wrestle because he does it very, very well.”

It’s fitting that Greene has had the best training camp of his life to prepare for the biggest fight of his maurice greencareer. “The Pirate” says that he traveled to get work in with other heavyweights but also has some of Minnesota’s best fighters right at home at Start BJJ in Saint Cloud.

“The hardest thing for me is to get big bodies to train with so I did a bit of traveling to try out some bigger guys at ACA Fargo. But I train with a bunch of wrestlers and even though I’m bigger than them, they’re really good. Bobby Lee and Collin Huckbody so it was a good camp. We have a really great group of people that we can get a lot of work and with.”

From an entertainment perspective, Greene versus Hughes might be the perfect pairing. Hughes has a wrestling background but like Greene, he prefers to strike. The challenger Greene feels like he has the advantage where ever the fight ends up and says this fight is business as usual.
“I mean, I don’t do a lot of studying of my opponents and the reason for that is that I want to dictate the fight. He’s training for me and I’m always trying and I stay in shape. This is just business as usual. It looks like he has some good hands and hits real hard as we all do. I’m just going to go in there and fight the best fight I can. Me at my best equals a win.”



Main Card (Televised on AXS TV at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT):

PRELIM 1 – Josh Kohler (0-0) vs. Tom Krenzel (2-2)

PRELIM 2 – Josh Parisian (5-2) vs. Zach Thumb

PRELIM 3 – Ken Glenn (7-4) vs. Josh Shaw (3-1)

TV 1 – Nate Richardson (5-1) vs. Lou Radecki (3-0)

TV 2 – Mallory Martin (2-2) vs. Linsey Williams (2-2)

TV 3 – Cody Lincoln (4-1) vs. Ashkan Morvari (12-6)

TV 4 – Chris Bachmeier (10-1) vs. Charlie Brown (11-7-1)

TV 5 – Dan Sayers (12-3) vs. Tat Romero (26-6)

TV 6 – Collin Huckbody (3-1) vs. Bevon Lewis (4-0)

TV 7 – Maurice Greene (5-1) vs. Jeff Hughes (8-1)

POST-LIM 1 – Caleb Merth (0-0) vs. Kazim Khan (0-0)

POST-LIM 2 – Tyler Spangler (0-0) vs. Danyal Majeed (0-1)

POST-LIM 3 – Mike Munos (0-0) vs. Pengi Mboma (0-0)

POST-LIM 4 – Bobbie Lee French (0-0) vs. Ryan Ferguson (1-1)

POST-LIM 5 – Davi Young (0-0) vs. Max Bradley (1-1)