Saint Paul, Minnesota’s Bonnie Stoehr (3-2) weighed in last night and is set for tonight’s co-featured MMA match in Mesquite, Nevada. Stoehr battles Utah’s Bridgett Nielson (3-4) in a 135 pound amateur contest for Tuff-N-Uff Promotions.

The Minnesota had things changed up on her when Kiara Ramos (5-1) fell off as her opponent a few days ago. Stoehr, who represents Next Level Combat and Horsepower Strength & Conditioning says she was not thrilled about the last minute change. She has has now refocused her fight plan to Nielson following a solid training camp and says she plans to bring a win back to Minnesota.

“She (Nielson) likes to clinch and grind against the cage , so I will be ready for that. I have had the good fortune to continue training with my wrestling / MMA coach, Nick Kirk. He was the head coach for my last fight which ended with my hand being raised about a minute and a half after the first bell rang. Along with Nick, I’m excited to be working with Dave Menne. His knowledge and ability to articulate movements is above and beyond anyone I’ve met. Dave has helped me build and refine a skill set that I would not be able to get anywhere else.
This should be an entertaining fight as the rounds are a mere two minutes. There is no time to feel out the fight, so I’m just going head on from the start.”


bonnie stoehr

Bonnie Stoehr, right, and Bridgett Nielson weigh in last night in Las Vegas, Nevada.