An exciting battle of top Midwest prospects is set for this Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at LFA 34 – “Watley vs. Jenkins”. In a featured bout, 22-year-old lightweight prospect Bobby Lee (7-1) of Saint Cloud, MN meets 36-year-old Iron Works Training Center owner Nick Ammerman (4-0) of Wisconsin. This is a fantastic match-up between two dominant wrestlers that love to throw heavy hands. Legacy Fighting Alliance brings the action back to Mystic Lake Casino in the new Event Center and AXS TV will broadcast the show.

All but one of Lee’s eight pro fights have come under the RFA/LFA banner and he has thrilled fans in each fight. Lee discussed this Friday nights fight against Ammerman, his last time in the cage, and more.


You won a decision over Ashkan Morvari last time out. Give us your thoughts on the fight and your performance.

I beat Morvari but I definitely should have finished the fight. I got sloppy on a head and arm choke and should have taken advantage more to hit a Von Flue choke. In hindsight, I know the areas where I should have floored it.

Aside from MMA, what sports did you participate in growing up?

I grew up with football and wrestling mostly but I was able to try a bunch of different things growing up. Things like the 800m in track and the discus throw. The pole vault helped me to be able to adapt. In football, I was the Mike backer which means I was the guy in the center of the field with my head on a swivel on nearly every single play. I also played special teams and was in on some short yardage offensive packages. I equate an MMA fight to an opening kick-off only it’s not a four second play. It’s that level of speed and direction change and momentum swings for the full five minutes, and maybe another ten after that.

You train in Saint Cloud with Brock Larson. Can you talk about your home gym and training with Brock?

One of the reasons I get to be here today and do what I do is because of Brock. My fourteenth fight in four years is credited to Brock pushing me when I need to get pushed and dialing it when the occasion calls for it. This is the longest break between bouts of my pro career and it’s because Brock wanted me to get the hours on the mat, explore different gyms and get tougher.

You have traveled to different gyms throughout the State to prepare for this fight. Talk about some of the work you got outside of Start BJJ in Saint Cloud.

The crew at The Cellar is phenomenal. There’s a great energy and focus in the room. I feel like a smarter, wiser, more seasoned martial artist after every session there. Very tough level of athletes at The Cellar. The main guys who beat me up there are doing big things. In fairness I won’t name anyone because it’s a long list of people who keep me on my toes and my head on a swivel.

What can you tell us about your opponent Nick Ammerman and what kind of fight are you expecting?

I have youth and experience on my side. I will be the Matador in there. Expect me to be first, to be last, to be gone. If my butt hits the floor, I’ll pop right up and he will be f-cked. He’s the old school overhand right into double wrestler. If I’m slow to react, I’m going to get trucked.
But I’ll be sharp, beating him to the punch and not there to be hit. I do not expect for the differences in skill to take fifteen minutes to be unveiled.

You have faced nothing but upcoming prospects and good opposition throughout your career.  What can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

This will be my fourteenth fight in four years coming up. I have twice as much professional experience as my opponent and I did it in one third of the time. I expect to come out clean and ready to go for Brock’s show on April 27th. We’ll see where I’m at come March 3rd. 8-1 is a completely different boat from 7-2.

Main Event | Lightweight Title Bout (155 lb)
– Robert Watley (10-1) vs. Brandon Jenkins (11-5)

Co-Main Event | Lightweight Bout (155 lb)
– Travis Perzynski (22-9) vs. Trey Ogden (9-2)

Featherweight Bout (145 lb)
– Jordan Griffin (14-5) vs. Darrick Minner (20-7)

Featherweight Bout (145 lb)
– Nate Jennerman (10-3) vs. John DeVall (15-8)

Women’s Flyweight Bout (125 lb)
– Kelly Kobold (10-5) vs. Katy Collins (7-3)

Featherweight Bout (155 lb)
– Bobby Lee (7-1) vs. Nick Ammerman (4-0)

Middleweight Bout (185 lb)
– Tim Hiley (5-0) vs. Willie Whitehead (2-1)

Undercard @ 5:00PM CST
Pro Undercard Bouts (3×5 rds)

Heavyweight Bout
Patrick Martin (5-3) vs. Calyn Hull (2-0)

Middleweight Bout
Wayman Carter (7-7) vs. Alton Cunningham (4-0)

Amateur Bouts

Bantamweight Bout
Zach Buros-Nash (7-3) vs. Eliot Jurries (5-2)

Flyweight Bout
Christina Ricker (3-3) vs. Jordan Nickelatti (3-1)

Catchweight Bout (120)
Daniel Soriano (1-0) vs. Tyus White (1-0)

Catchweight Bout (175)
Ben Ross (7-3) vs. Joey Hart (2-0-1)

Featherweight Bout
Thomas Vievering (0-0) vs. Zak Flessas (0-1-1)

Catchweight Bout (195 lbs.)
Rodney Nash (5-4) vs. Alexander Brown (3-2)

Featherweight Bout
Angel Pacheco (7-4) vs. Bryan Bautista (5-2)