bobbe dulitz


Austin, Minnesota’s Bobbe Dulitz (8-7) traveled to Iowa last September and returned home with the

bobbe dulitz

Bobbe Dulitz (center)

Brutaal 155 pound amateur title. Dulitz stepped into enemy territory at the Boone County Fairgrounds and stopped Brandon Pringle (5-4) at 1:36 of the opening round. Now the Minnesotan is set to defend his belt this Saturday back at the fairgrounds in Iowa. Dulitz faces another Iowa based prospect by Levi Thompson (12-5).

“Whenever I head to Iowa, nostalgia kicks in and hard work pumps through my blood.” said Dulitz when asked to talk about the night he won the title. “My first fight ever when I was 18 was in Fort Dodge, Iowa for Brutaal in which my arm got snapped in half. So this was a special night for me. A bittersweet victory, finally, I can call myself a champion. That’s all I’ve ever wanted was a belt to symbolize all the hard work and sacrifice I’ve devoted to this sport. I loved everything about title night from the old school canvas, Brutaal steel, to walking through the crowd during my intro to get to the cage. I felt at peace and it was my time to shine. I was in incredible shape and felt like an animal. The fight went exactly as planned. My constant pressure and aggressiveness overwhelmed the skilled Iowa wrestler. I controlled the entire fight, constantly peppering him with punches until I unleashed a sequence of sledge hammer fists that took him out. It was a great experience and memory that I can add to my journey”
┬áThis Saturday’s title defense will be the main event on “Brutaal Fight Night / Christmas Chaos”. After 7 years in mixed martial arts, the 27 year old Dulitz says he has plans of turning pro following Saturday’s clash with Thompson.

“Saturday I’m back at the barn defending my championship in the heart of the Midwest, Boone, Iowa. I am at peace when I train. “Everything goes away and I get tunnel vision. Once I defend my title in devastating fashion, I want to turn professional and this is the perfect opportunity to prove it. This fight exemplifies everything I’ve overcome in life and what I will continue to overcome. In every fight I always consider myself the underdog but in this game each dog has his day. When it’s all said and done, I’m preparing for a dawg fight and all I have is my chain that took me years to earn. So it’s safe to say I’m bringing all bite no bark.”

“Brutaal Fight Night / Christmas Chaos” take place this Saturday night at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Boone, Iowa. Stay tuned for results this Saturday.