Canada’s Olivier Aubin-Mercier (10-3) won a three round split decision over Minnesotan Tony Martin (11-4) moments ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Mercier’s take downs and ground work in the first two rounds won him the fight on the judges score cards despite a big third and final round for Martin. Martin sunk in a deep anaconda choke in round three that seemed to be a fight finishing submission. But Mercier was able to sneek out despite admitting afterwards that he thought he was going to black out. Yet Mercier escaped only to end up with Martin on his back, latched on with a body triangle. Martin landed strikes from the back of Mercier for the remainder of the round. The near finish and dominant round was not enough however as judges saw the fight 29-28 for Martin and 29-28 twice for Aubin Mercier. Martin, who now resides in Boston, Massachusetts is now (4-4) in the UFC.