Valhalla Combat Sports INC. is hosting it’s second Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament this Saturday night at Totino Grace Highschool. Teams being represented in action include Next Level Combat, Iron Works Training Center (Wisconsin), Apex Jiu Jitsu, Inner Strength, Valhalla Combat Sports, Doc’s gym, and McCune’s Martial Arts.


James Clark of Valhalla explained to Minnesota Fight News how the tournament will work.

“We are doing the tournament similar to how High School and College wrestling have a dual meet between them. A decision win is 3 points for the team, and a pin is six points. Each team in the tournament will get 3 points for a win and 6 points for a submission. Last year, this dual meet tournament was very exciting and very fun for the teams participating. This year, the tournament has more teams in it. So I expect it will be an even better experience!


BJJ team Jiu Jitsu at Totino Grace