Valhalla Combat Sports is promoting another night of “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the cage” this Saturday, July 15. There is a huge list of talented mixed martial artists and grapplers competing that you can check out below. Two main event matches are listed to be rounding out over 35 matches.
The main event features Spartan Martial Arts purple belt and MMA standout Kelly Kobold meeting Brittney Franz of Kenora, Ontario at. Franz is also a purple belt and is Canada’s National BJJ champion. Kobold is moving up to meet Franz at 145 pounds while Franz is set to grappler Kobold’s teammate Akeela Al-Hameed earlier in the night.
The co-featured match is also one you won’t want to miss as MMA headliners and BJJ brown belts Derek Getzel of McCune’s Martial Arts and Marvin Blumer of Minnesota School of Martial Arts meet. Both Getzel and Blumer are preparing for headlining MMA bouts on September 19 at Canterbury Park.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu matches this Saturday will take place at the Valhalla Training Center located at 6269 University Avenue NE, Fridley, MN 55432. Doors open at 5 PM with the matches starting at 6 PM.


Matt Kostolnik vs Gene Bowman(cage wrestling match)
BJJ Matches:
Chris Collins vs Randy Rivera Santiago
Sean Keogh vs Rocco Magiorre
Drew Smith vs Jens Nestingen
Cooper James Hays vs Tony Cain
David Soto vs Brandon Khomvongsa
Jason Wong vs Tanner James Reeve
Ray Wolfpac vs Thomas Herrera
Neil Strugnell vs Ruben Vargas
Mike Linger vs Sean Notch
Jens Nestingen vs Tony Cain
Jeff Austreng vs Daniel Rogalaski
Dan Casey vs Marc Renville
Bryce Murphy vs Benjamin Alan Turner
Luke Bromback vs Jonah Ruby
Sarah Wellumson vs Alisha Hayes
Sean Keogh vs Galedhari
Ray Wolfpac vs Brandon Bell
Marc Renville vs Rocco Magiorre
Jayson Campbell vs Benjamin Turner
Brian Bernier vs Andrew Sandstrom
Sarah Wellumson vs Rebecca Nestingen
Steve Norwick vs Chris Collins
Davonte vs Davonta
Jason Wong vs Marc Renville
Alisha Hayes vs Jenny Brudwick
Sarah Wellumson vs Hillary Warolin
Akeela AK Al-Hameed vs Brittney Franz
Brandon Bell vs Thomas Herrera
Jake Immel vs Tony Cain
Chris Klavateer vs Alphonse Weah
Ray Ray Wolfpack Mathews vs DaVonté McClam
Sarah Wellumson vs Jordan Nickelatti
Patrick Skildum vs Dan Johnsonn
Tony Cain vs Dusty Lee Hjelle
Robbie Gotreau vs Brandon Bell
Thomas Herrera vs Tanner James Reeves
Sean Keogh vs Marc Renville
Sarah Wellumson vs Hillary Warolin
Dan Johnson vs Collin Connery
Andrew Sandstrom vs Nate Schoctavitz
Robbie Gotreau vs Thomas Herrera
Ruben Vargas vs Marc Renville
Co Main Event:
Derek Getzel vs Marvin Blumer
Main Event:
Kelly Kobold vs Brittney Franz