Caleb Truax faces off with Zachariah Kelley earlier today in Milwaukee, WI. Kelley stepped in on short notice after two prior opponents fell through for Truax.

USBA Middleweight title bout
Luis Arias 159.8 vs. Daryl Cunningham 158.8
Caleb Truax 165 vs. Zachariah Kelley 165
Michael Gaxiola 124 vs. Marcos Forestal 123.6
Ramesis Gil 142.6 vs. Sonny Fredrickson 139.8
Carson Jones 150 vs. Starr Johnson (Weigh’s in tomorrow)
Tyler McCreary 138.8 vs. DeWayne Wisdom (Weigh’s in tomorrow)
Livan Navarro 141.2 vs. Quintez Bozell 144.4

John Luna 258.4 vs. Oswaldo Oretega 217.2

Venue: The Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Promoter: Seconds Out Promotions