Phil “The Drill” Williams and Al “The Haitian Temptation” Sands were ready to box in separate bouts tomorrow night at the Grand Casino in Hinckley. Talk of a rematch to follow was and is the plan if everything had played out well for both men in there respective fights. But an unfortunate family issue with Williams’ opponent has him without an adversary and Sands as the lone cruiserweight on the card.

The two big punchers met for Sands’ Minnesota state title back in August in a bout Williams won by first round knockout. Sands said afterwards that he let distractions get to him outside of the ring in the weeks leading up to that fight. He also believes that he wasn’t given the proper chance to try to continue as is the case in other title bouts (something he gets into detail in a television interview link that will be posted below). So for this fight, in which he faces former Williams opponent Gary Tapusoa of Missouri, Sands has kept a low profile as far as public promotions and media. But behind the scenes, Sands has been traveling the state for sparring and getting new looks in the ring. Sands has visited Cerresso Fort’s gym to get in rounds with Fort in Saint Paul. He has also visited Lorenzi’s Gym in his hometown of Duluth, working with both Joe Lorenzi and TJ Gibson. Sands sat down earlier this month with Duluth’s Fox 21 TV do discuss his thoughts on the Williams fight and his bout tomorrow night which is worth checking out. Full video of the Al Sands interview with Fox 21 can be seen BY CLICKING HERE.

Although Phil Williams will not be in action any longer, “The Drill” of Minneapolis, will still be phil_williams_paperattending the boxing matches and will be presented with his state title bout in the ring at some point during tomorrow night’s show. Team Williams spokesman Brett Mauren confirmed with after watching that video interview, that Williams is open to boxing Sands again. The first meeting was a highly anticipated battle and it would be fun and deserving to see again.

“We were looking to keep Phil busy coming off of a big win, so the (Henry) Namouu fight falling through is obviously unfortunate” said Mauren.  “We’ll be looking at National opportunities, but a rematch with Al is definitely feasible. Why not? We’re confident the fight ends the same way.”

Phil Williams, along with Mohammed Kayongo (who battles Antonio Johnson in tomorrow night’s main event) were recently featured in a story published by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. That Story can be seen by CLICKING HERE.