Duluth, Minnesota’s Trevor Marmon (2-5-1, 2 KO’s) and Florida’s Daniel Placeres (2-0, 1 KO) battled each other over four rounds in one of 2015’s most exciting bouts last June in Mounds View, MN. Placeres won by split decision, and the two are set to meet again this Saturday night at the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, MN. asked both fighters to share some words  about how they got into boxing, the first fight between the two, and what we can expect on Saturday night. Both boxers told an interesting story that you can read here.

Can you give us a little background history on where you are from and how you got into boxing?


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MARMON: I started boxing just to get into shape at the age of 25. I struggled with my life on getting it healthy and staying out of bars and away from negative people. After a year, I wanted to take it up a notch and compete. I trained at Lorenzi’s Boxing and fought Winston Anderson my first fight and lost a split decision. After that, I went on to compete in 42 amateur fights with Horton’s Gym which then ended following the Jungle Boy Boxing transformation. After that I coached for a year and was told that I should coach because I was too old for boxing and I couldn’t take a hit.  I ended up in Las Vegas for a couple a months and realized I couldn’t fulfill my life dream, so I came back to Minnesota and turned pro. At that time, I went back to Lorenzi’s and fought my first fight at Wessman Arena on a T-Rex Promotions show. After the fight I wanted more and wanted to keep going, but I didn’t have a manager or promoter.  I then fought Adrain Martinez, who was a top rated amateur.  I believe he was ranked top ten within the United States at one time. I ended up getting a draw which I thought was good. It was a great fight and afterwards Tony Grygelko became my manager and promoter. I then trained in the Twin Cities, looking for a great coach that I could connect with and I found him at Believers Boxing gym. Jacques Davis and Rachael took me in and became a family for me, in and outside the ring. From nutrition to training, they have told me what to do and I listen. It has taken some time over the years for me to get here but I’ve worked hard and have learned from my losses as a result. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Rj Laase, Winston Anderson, Al Sands, Gary Eyer, Wilton Hilario, Marcus Morris, Ryan Watson, Caleb Truax, Joe Lorenzi, Boyd Davis, and the great Wayne Putnam along with other Amateurs throughout Minnesota.

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida but both my parents were born in Cuba. They both migrated from Cuba to find a better life for their future family. I’m the youngest of three and have one brother and sister. I’m a father as well and have a 5 year old son who is my heart and soul. I started boxing at the age of 17 and remember walking into the gym for the first time and watching former World Champion Glen Johnson (who him and Dave Pena trained me for my last fight against Marmon) sparring and I just fell in love with the sport ever since. Just the competitiveness of the sport and the rush to fight is like no other.


Let’s discuss the first fight back in June and what fans can expect this time around.

Daniel Placeres, left, with Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Daniel Placeres, left, with Guillermo Rigondeaux.

MARMON:  Daniel is a great fighter, we both have the hearts of warriors, we both have power and we both can box. It’s a great fight. He’s a good solid fighter but last time, I barely lost by one point on a split decision and had an injured rotator cuff throughout the whole fight. This fight was a war and very close but I’m very confident about this time and I will be fully prepared. I believe we both have unfinished business to deal with and it should be a great fight as it always is with the competition I fight. I’m not here to pad my record, I’m here to show my skills and improve as a fighter, but also give great entertainment. I’m excited about this rematch. I have my spark back in me.

PLACERES: My first fight with Trevor was very exciting and easily was fight of the night. I hurt Trevor early on and floored him but like a true fighter he got up and fought through it. Trevor is one heck of a fighter and his record is very deceiving. His heart is huge! I gave him the rematch because I feel like we have unfinished business. I had no reason to give him a rematch but he asked for it after our fight and like I told him, you want it, you can get it again. I expect a well prepared Trevor and Trevor can expect the same from me. The fans can expect two determined fighters willing to give it their all. Expect nothing less but a war.

Can you give us an insight into your training camp for this fight?

MARMON: I have trained very hard, even more so then usual. I sparred lots of rounds, ate right and have a great team and family inside the gym and outside. I have made a lot of changes too in my personal life which has helped me greatly so I can focus on this fight. I am mentally ready and physically ready for this fight.

PLACERES: I had a tremendous camp. I train under the tutelage of Osmiri Fernandez who currently trains Ismael Barroso, the lightweight champion of the world. Yuriorkis Gamboa and I sparred prior to his last fight. I also had the privilage to spar many rounds with a highly touted prospect from the Philippines named Harmonito De La Torre who also trains with my trainer. Closing my sparring, I had the honor to go 6 rounds with pound 4 pound king Guillermo Rigondeaux and also Barroso for my last sparring session.


Is there anything else you would like to add in closing?

MARMON:  I am ready for war and ready to show my skills. I am finally  happy and having fun again in the gym and in the ring. I got my spark back and am very excited for this weekend against a solid opponent and to be part of a great night of boxing. Thank you to all my fans, family and close ones in my life that help me and support my career.

PLACERES: I’m just ready to put up a great show and continue to earn the respect of MN fans. My career seems to be taking off there with the help of Tony and his Second Out Banner and I owe it to the fans to give my best every time I step in the ring. I look forward to a great event Saturday and much luck to all fighters competing. Also, I would like to take the time for the boxing community to continue to pray for my friend Prichard and his beautiful family.


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