Al Sands (19-2) of Duluth, MN was a man of a few words when Minnesota Fight News caught up with him to discuss his fight this Friday night at the Grand Casino in Hinckley. Mengistu Zarzar (6-0-1) of Brooklyn Park, MN was a man of many words when it was his time to discuss the big Minnesota cruiserweight match. However, it seems like a safe conclusion that both men will be throwing heavy hands in unison under the outdoor Hinckley amphitheater lights. The meeting is scheduled for eight rounds of action.
“It’s another fight, and we’re hoping for the win” said Sands matter-of-factly. “We’ve been training hard and the overseas training was the best experience of my life. Our game plan is to win.”
Sands says that he spent over two weeks training in the Ukraine with multiple World Champions and Olympians. He says that it was an eye opening and educational experience. Sands is coming for victory and says he wants to let his fists do the rest of his talking in the ring.
While Sands wanted to wait until after the fight to talk more, Mengistu Zarzar didn’t hold back.  Zarzar didn’t have a ton of amateur fights, and has had only 7 professional bouts. Yet, he has already taken on Minnesota State Cruiserweight champion Phil Williams in his last bout, and now former champion Al Sands. But don’t tell Zarzar he has less boxing experience. The Liberian born Minnesotan will tell you that he believes he has more.
“These guys don’t have more experience then me in my eyes” exclaimed Zarzar. “I never really had a dream of becoming a boxer, I just stumbled upon it. I am undefeated in the streets. I had to fight before I came to America because I spoke American English. And when I arrived in America at the age of 10 (Washington DC) I had to fight because of my accent. I never met another Liberian my age until I moved to Minnesota in 1997. I then had to fight when I moved to Brooklyn Park and was well known in the streets for knocking people out when I had to. I came to boxing at the age of 29 and here I am at the age of 34. So to me, Phil is just another guy and Sands is just another privilege kid. I grew up hard!”
“Al sands never faced anyone like me in my opinion. I respect every man that steps into that ring but Al Sands never faced anyone like me in his life. Phil Williams ran from me for a reason. I hit him once in the second round and he ran the rest of the fight. I want the fans to expect an ugly, nasty fight. I will not make it look pretty. I heard he was in the Ukraine sparring with the cruiserweight champ of the world. Tell the crusierweight champ of the world that I am American and he and all his Ukrainian’s can go to hell. I want my shot early next year!”
The Sands-Zarzar bout is one of 8 professional boxing matches starting tonight at 7 PM at the Grand Casino Outdoor Amphitheater.