Boxing returned to the Grand Casino in Hinckley, MN on March 9, 2018. The main event featured Ramiro Hernandez hoisting the vacant Minnesota State Super Featherweight title, Rondale Hubbert’s successful return, and Robert Brant putting himself back in the WBA World middleweight title picture. Below you can find results as well as video courtesy of Ray Kilgore of all the action minus the main event (camcorder shutoff in casino balcony). Zen Fox Photography was ringside to capture action photos and you can find more on their Facebook page.

Ramiro Hernandez (11-0) of Cleveland, Ohio became the new Minnesota State super featherweight champion with a unanimous decision victory over Nate Rubin (5-2-1) of Thief River Falls, MN on Friday, March 9th in Hinckley, MN. The fight resembled their first meeting in 2017 with good action from both fighters.

Rondale “Give Em Hell” Hubbert (11-5-1) of Minneapolis, MN stopped Carlos Barbosa (2-4-1) at 2:58 of round three (TKO). Barbosa showed his toughness as always but Hubbert’s constant pressure finally got to the Illinois fighter in round three. Hubbert trapped Barbosa on the ropes and threw punches until Barbosa crumbled to the canvas where the fight was stopped.

Middleweight Robert “Bravo” Brant (23-1, 16 KO’s) of Oakdale, MN knocked out Colby Courter (12-12, 9 KO’s) at 2:55 of the first round. Brant was calculated in his approach but went right after Courter with hard combinations. Courter showed no fear despite being outgunned. A right hand to the head by Brant followed by a flurry sent Courter down for the first time midway through round one. Brant put Courter on the canvas again with a double left hook moments later. The final knockdown came after more punishment before referee Gary Miezwa waived the fight off with five seconds remaining in the round.

Danyelle Williams (3-1) defeated Van Goodman (4-7-2) by unanimous decision in a four round heavyweight rematch. Scores were 39-37 on all three cards. Both fighters were busier this time around and the action had the crowd cheering at times. Goodman dropped Williams in round three with a stiff jab but Williams was able to offset the point (judges scored the round 10-9) by winning all four rounds on the judge’s cards.

Marlin Sims (1-0) of Minneapolis, MN knocked out  Jeff Farmer (4-14) of Des Moines, Iowa at 1:47 of the third round. Sims looked sharp in his pro debut. His punches were fast and his defense was smooth.

“The night of the fight, I played that day through my head 100,000 times,” Sims told MN Fight News afterward. “I called the round I was going to stop him in 2 weeks ago. I just knew it wasn’t going the full fight. That night gave me the feeling I wanted when making my pro-debut. Me and my team had a game plan, my head coach Alfonso Vasquez had the best instructions and I made sure I was following them. The left hook I got him with was perfectly placed and timed. I saw how he was moving and calculated that punch to get a 3rd round K.O. That fight was more than just my pro-debut, that was me putting a statement out in the world of boxing to show I worked hard to get here and I don’t plan on being stopped.”

Chuka Willis (3-2) of Emporia, Kansas won by TKO at 2:41 of the first round over Jake Henriksen (2-1) of Fargo, ND. Henriksen was game but Willis showed why he is regarded as a top MMA striker.

Cem Kilic (11-0) of Sherman Oaks, California stopped Taronze Washington (17-26) of Dallas, Texas at 2:38 of the second round (TKO).