Giezwa Hobbs (Sir Cerresso Boxing Gym) has been one of Minnesota’s standout amateurs over the years and now, the 25 year old is set to make his long awaited professional debut. Standing in his way is 29 year old former Ethiopian Olympic representative Anteneh Kidanwold (1-0) of the Circle of Discipline. Both of these boxers are confident and prepared heading into tomorrow nights fight at El Rodeo Restaurante in Minneapolis.
Hobbs was born in Minnesota before going to Saint Louis where he begin boxing as a kid. He returned to Minnesota and went on to win numerous National boxing tournaments. Hobbs has fought just about everyone from 141 pounds down to 123 pounds. The four time Upper Midwest champion (four different weight classes) says turning pro means the world to him.
“This Saturday is a surreal moment for me. I know there are political views in the pro game and things can get very serious fast. Honestly, from boxing in the amateurs so long, I do not plan on letting any fight go the distance whatsoever. I have to assure my win by being the best version of me on Saturday night and every night, no matter who the opponent is. The amateurs left a bad taste in my mouth after fighting at 123 lb at the Nationals. I know I beat that guy and from that point I will never lose again. I will do everything in my power to assure that. With my skill and ability I feel that no one can beat me in my weight classes. Saturday night will be the same result for me which is a win.”
Anteneh Kidanwold won his pro debut almost a year ago to this date. Kidanwold is a COD boxer that had success representing Minnesota in National tournaments. But he is best known for representing his home country of Ethiopia’s Olympic team.
“I was born in Ethiopia and started boxing at the age of 9 years” said Kidanwold. “I had a lot of boxing experience, having more than 120 amateur fights. I was a  junior and senior Ethiopian Olympic team member. I have been with COD for three years. We are like family members that help each other. I want to give a special thanks to Sankara Frazier and Adonis Frazier for that!”
Hobbs revealed that he did not study Kidanwold or look him up before taking the fight. He says he knows little about the man who will stand opposite of him on Saturday.
“I don’t know a lot about the guy I am facing. I don’t study fighters at all. I believe in my ability and do what I need to do to work on myself.  I could care less about him being on the Ethiopian Olympic team because its not in the United States. If he made the team here in the United States then I would be impressed. He is a tough opponent but I believe that no one can beat me.  I leave it all up to God at the end of the day. He wanted this fight for me and I am taking it. I looked at him before I accepted the fight, from that point I made my decision, talked with my team and they approved it. I am about testing myself and pushing myself to different heights in life. I do not put a name on these fighters, I only worry about myself. From what I am told he was the only fighter in Ethiopia who competed for the Olympics.  COD has known me before I was born. A lot of people do not know that. My family’s roots are over at that gym as well. My uncles and my father have known them for a long time. I have nothing but respect for what they do over at COD. They help the community and give back and that’s what its about. When that bell rings, I become the animal I need to be. My team at Sir boxing know exactly what needs to be done on Saturday and I will be victorious in this art of war.”
Kidanwold on the other hand says he is familiar with Hobbs and that he is not concerned with the experience Hobbs has in the amateur ranks and tells the fans it’s a fight they don’t want to miss.
“My thoughts about Giezwa Hobbs as a boxer are that he has good amateur experience. I expect the fight will be great and I guarantee the fans will be happy when we meet in the ring. I’m coming to win, I worked hard to win not to survive!”
Hobbs continued, “On fight night fans can expect from me a sharp minded smart boxer who will do my best to come out of the ring with a clean face. My health is the most important in this fight and any fight. This is a tough fight but I can do it all, every style, switch hands, speed, I am very strong as well. This is a fight you do not want to miss, one good fighter against a fighter who is becoming great. All I can do is hope that both fighters come out of this bout safe enough to speak to their families and still be functional in the head. When that bell rings though their is no mercy until after the last bell rings. I have a family to feed, goals to accomplish and a short period of time to be in this boxing game.”