Minnesota ranked featherweight/lightweight boxer Gavino Guaman (5-2) of River Falls, Wisconsin found himself in another exciting battle on July 29th in Chicago, Illinois. Guaman was back in the windy city for a rematch bout versus tough local boxer Josh Hernandez (5-1).
The 26 year old Guaman knocked out Hernandez last April in round one and seemed to be on his way to doing the same thing early in the rematch. Guaman landed his big right hand to the chin of Hernandez in the opening round of the rematch bout that left Hernandez in serious trouble and face planted on the canvas.
The chances of Hernandez being able to regroup after the shot looked slim because of the way he went down. But Hernandez was able to finish the round despite taking a few more big punches. Guaman scored another knockdown in round four but Hernandez came on strong in the fifth as Guaman appeared to run out of gas, which he would later confirm. Guaman went down in the fifth and the sixth more out of exhaustion rather then being rocked as Hernandez battled back behind a strong body assault. The fight was stopped with Guaman on his feet with :32 left in the sixth and final round. Despite running out of steam down the stretch, Guaman showed toughness, skill, and power that will be fun to watch in the future.
Below is the full rematch between Guaman and Hernandez

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