James “Chunky” DeGale won back the IBF super middleweight title last night in Las Vegas that Caleb Truax ripped from him back in December. After 12 rough, gritty, and bloody rounds, two judges saw the fight 114-113 while a third had DeGale blindly way ahead at 117-110.

Truax was the aggressor and brought the fight to DeGale all fight. He landed some nice jabs, and his caleb truaxstraight right rocked “Chunky” although not always with the volume that came in the first meeting. Truax said afterward that he felt flat this time around and his punches lost snap as the final rounds neared. Still, Truax continued to dig deep and lay everything on the line until the final bell.

DeGale also fought tough while keeping the fight off the ropes. DeGale was busier with his combinations this fight which helped keep Truax from taking control of the fight. Along with being the aggressor, Truax landed the more telling power punches throughout. Like the first fight, there were times when DeGale appeared to be ready to accept defeat but Truax was not able to fully separate himself like he had in December. These factors added together made Truax winning the fight a good shot. The judges didn’t agree in the end.

The blood began to flow in round three after an accidental clash of heads opened up a nasty cut over DeGale’s right eye. This came after many earlier headbutts which were largely thrown by the British fighter. DeGale blatantly speared Truax in the face twice with his forehead in the first two rounds which went undisciplined by the referee. DeGale also threw shoulders and elbows on the inside repeatedly. After multiple warnings, DeGale was deducted a point in round 10. Truax had cuts over each eye by the end of the fight.

It wasn’t a pretty boxing match but fans were entertained by the effort from both men and the back and forth, up in the air rounds. Truax represented Minnesota at the highest level once again and many feel the belt should still be around his waist. Afterward, both Truax and DeGale said a third fight would be fitting.

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Caleb Truax and James DeGale share an ambulance ride after going 12 hard rounds on Saturday night in Las Vegas.