Fighters weighed in last night and are ready for the pro-am boxing show later this afternoon at El Nuevo Rodeo Restaurante in Minneapolis. Minnesota Fight News published stories on the Ve Shawn Owens-Damion Hill and Anteneh Kidanwold-Giezwa Hobbs bouts earlier this week. We also got words from more of the fighters competing tonight on what they expect from there opponents. Check out the words below.

Xavier Hayden (debut) vs Cameron Gilliam (debut)

Xavier Hayden: I want to get down to 168 and make my go at it from there. I don’t know too much about my opponent besides he does other combat sports and I expect him to be tough. However you can’t coach experience.
To anyone who’d be watching, i would just wanna say that it’s been a long time coming, prepare for some fireworks.

Cam Gilliam: I wanted to test my skills in other combat sports such as boxing cause I’m a martial artist. Ive always worked on my boxing skills regardless of being an mma fighter. I respect my opponent and think he’s got a good background with a long record. He’ll be tough as with any opponent but that’s why I’m a work horse. We’ll see how the fight goes.

Alexis Gomez (1-0) vs William Davis (0-3-1)

Alexis Gomez: My opponent goes by the name of William Davis. I don’t know much about him except that he is a southpaw with two hands and two legs (laughing)! I heard he is in good spirits and coming to fight come September 16 so I’ll be more then happy to answer his call. I’m expecting a hard awkward fight and of course having some fun while we spark. The fans can expect a good explosive chess match.
I started boxing when I was 13. My goal was really never chasing the Olympics, it was chasing a world tittle. I got involved with boxing because of my cousin, pro boxer Richard Quiterio. He introduced me to the Circle of Discipline. At the time I was just a kid that really had nothing to do after school in the south side area of Minneapolis. Dont get me wrong, I wasn’t a bad kid causing or looking for trouble, it was either hanging out in the streets with the wrong crowd or boxing. Man am I glad I chose to stick with boxing!!! Till today.  When you hear “who are we!” just know C.O.D is in the building and we mean serious business! Of course in the most respectful and mannered way possible.


Jonathan Perez (12-1) vs Dewayne Wisdom (7-36-1)