Minnesota state middleweight champion and former IBF World champion “Golden” Caleb Truax has resumed training following his rematch with James DeGale last April. A return to the ring is in the works. At the top of Truax’s wish list is a rubber match with James DeGale. Although the IBF has not ordered the third fight, Truax remains hopeful that DeGale steps up to the plate. If that doesn’t happen, Truax says he is targeting a fall return to Minneapolis.
Minnesota Fight News caught up with Truax’s to get his thoughts on the rematch with DeGale, what might be next and more.


You had a solid training camp with some skilled and strong fighters. Now that the rematch with DeGale is over, can you talk about how training camp went and how you felt heading into your title defense?
Training camp went very well. It was the longest and most comprehensive camp I’ve had as a pro. My trainer and strength and conditioning coach both did great jobs getting me ready. The sparring partners, Aaron Coley, Ronald Nixon, and Nate Richardson gave me solid rounds.


The rematch with DeGale was closer than the first fight. Yet the majority still believe that you

Caleb Truax

banked more rounds over the distance. Have you watched the replay? What are your thoughts on the rematch with DeGale?
I haven’t watched it. I’m still to pissed off about the outcome. Upset at my performance because everything went so well in preparation, yet I didn’t have my best night. Upset about the dirty tactics DeGale employed. Upset that the referee didn’t warn and stop DeGale from head-butting, shouldering, and grinding his gloves in my face. And upset that the scorecards didn’t go my way.


Being a world champion puts you on a lot of fighters radar. Being a former world champion isn’t much different. I imagine you have a lot of big opportunities available. Can you talk about some of the fights, or fighters you would like to fight next?
Right now, I’m putting all my eggs in the Truax-DeGale 3 basket. If that doesn’t come to, Al Haymon, Seconds Out, & Warriors will decide what needs to be next to get me back in title contention. If no DeGale 3, then I hope to headline a PBC show at home, at the Minneapolis Armory.


I personally don’t think DeGale takes a third fight with you. He was busted up and didn’t look good against you in either fight. Realistically, what does your gut tell you the chances are of a third fight happening? Have you heard any inside stuff you can share on if a third fight is being discussed?
My promoters, Seconds out & Warriors have taken the steps with the IBF to try and make a rubber match. DeGale said in the post-fight interview that he would give me my shot like I gave him. I hope he is true to his word.


What have you been up to since the rematch with DeGale?
After April 7th, I took a week off from everything. Since then I’ve been hitting the boxing gym and strength training Monday, Wednesday, Friday and running Tuesday and Thursday. Nothing too intense, just trying to stay in shape a bit. Mostly just hanging out with family & friends, eating some good food and drinking some Lupulin brewery beer. I went on my yearly fishing trip to the Boundary Waters and now it’s time to resume training full time.


You held the IBF World title and have cemented your place among Minnesota boxing’s elite on a historic level. What are your future goals for the rest of your boxing career? How long do you envision yourself fighting?
My immediate goal is to secure a third fight with DeGale and win the IBF title back. If That is not to be, I believe I will be back in action in the fall, hopefully at the Minneapolis Armory. From there, I would like to fight for a title again before I’m done and become a 2-time champion. If I can do so successfully, I would like to fight for a few more years. As long as I can make a living, set my family up for the future and stay healthy, I’ll stick around for a bit.


You are boxing at the highest level of your career and the best is yet to come. But have you given more thought to what you see yourself doing after boxing?
I think its natural to think about what’s next as you get older in the sport, but for the most part, I have tried to stay focused on training and fighting. That being said, I have met a ton a great people through boxing that have opened me up to different opportunities when I decide to hang em up.


You have a great team, fans, and sponsors behind you. Is there anything you would like to say to them in closing?
Thank you to all of Team Truax for the continued support. Thank you to my sponsors, Lupulin Brewing and Wiley Wallaby Australian style liquorice, and thank you to MN Fight News and Jesse Kelley for all you do for boxing in Minnesota. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @goldencalebt.


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