Shakopee’s Anthony “The Bullet” Bonsante (34-13-3, 18 KO’s) was disqualified moments ago in Butte, Montana for body slamming Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas (106-17-3, 81 KO’s) to the canvas and rendering him unfit to continue. The fight was one that both fighters vowed would be there last. After a heated exchange in round 6, Campas ended up draped over Bonsante’s shoulder. Bonsante lifted Campas up with his shoulders and dropped him to the canvas. The Mexican born warrior then rolled around in pain, holding his left foot for some time and the bout was called off. The official explanation given by the ring announcer was that Bonsante was DQ’d for causing an injury to his opponent using an illegal action.
The disappointing ending was unfortunate because a decent scrap had unfolded leading into the 6th round.
Bonsante was the busier fighter and landed more in the opening two rounds. “The Bullet” landed 3 good right uppercuts in the second round that stood out. But Campas was investing hard shots to the body. Although Campas may have given away those close rounds, the body shots were paying off. Bonsante continued to look for a home for the uppercut, which is the punch he’s been known to hurt many past opponents with and the same can be said for the body shots Campas was sticking with.
Campas was turning up the pressure by round four and Bonsante seemed to be breathing heavy.  Each fighter had there moments in a spirited 4th round. The 5th round was a big one for the 44 year old Campas. He first put Bonsante down with a left-right combo to the body. Bonsante then later had a point deducted for what appeared to be holding although he had not been given a warning for it prior.
Bonsante, 45, answered the bell nicely in the sixth though on his toes and popping his jab. But Campas marched on and came back with solid combinations to the head and body of Bonsante. Bonsante was looking a little weary but continued to mount an offense. Campas landed four consecutive head shots which Bonsante took with his hands at his sides while shaking his head. Bonsante waived Campas in for more and then proceeded to throw and land 3 head shots of his own. Campas landed a left hand to the head and that is when he ended up on The Minnesotan’s back and the disqualifying events unfolded.