Former WBC super middleweight champion Anthony “The Dog” Dirrell (29-1-1, 23 KOs) of Flint, Michigan stopped Minnesotan “Golden” Caleb Truax at 1:49 of the first round. Dirrell was able to sneak hard and accurate head shots through Truax’s guard early and the Minnesotan wasn’t able to recover. Dirrell landed a hard jab to get things going. Truax doubled up on his own, landing a nice jab in return. Dirrell lined up that early jab,and then landed a right to the body shortly after that stood out. Truax landed a hard head shot of his own but then the first knockdown came with a right-left combination to the head by Dirrell in response. The fight ending knockdown (right-left to the head) that sent Truax to the canvas didn’t seem quite as serious as the first. But the referee waived the fight off with Truax looking on and preparing to get back to his feet. The stoppage was probably a bit premature but won’t be labeled as a bad stoppage.
Truax said afterwards, “Not how I envisioned that fight going, to say the least. I’m fine, just disappointed. Thank you for all the support and to everyone who had me in their thoughts.”