Minnesota’s Rondale Hubbert (10-4-1, 6 KOs) was stopped in round seven by Waldorf, Maryland’s Mike Reed (17-0, 10 KO’s) earlier tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hubbert fought tough, and had a good start to the fight, landing some nice countering right hands to his skilled opponent. Hubbert, who took the fight on a few days notice, started to fall behind as the fight went into the third but made the fight fun to watch and competitive. Reed’s skills and conditioning were apparent  as the fight went into the seventh. It seemed like the fight was headed for a decision as Hubbert was taking shots well and firing back but a right hand that landed to the side of his head dropped him early in the seventh. Hubbert held himself from going down but his gloves touched the canvas and a knockdown was awarded by referee kenny Bayless. A hard shot to the head by Reed stunned Hubbert moments later along the ropes. Although in rough shape, Hubbert did not go down and Bayless jumped in to stop the fight at 1:09 of round 7.