MN Bantamweight champ Jonathan “J-Blaze” Perez (9-0, 6 KO’s) will face welterweight Omar Avelar (3-14, 2 KO’s) of Washington in tonight’s headlining pro bout of the evening at El Nuevo Rodeo Restaurant in Minneapolis, MN. Perez found out his opponent would be over weight the other day. So after cutting to fight shape, Perez had to put on pounds to even things out. Perez ended up weighing in last night at 135 while his opponent was 140.
¬†“He’s a bigger guy” said Perez. “I was under weight but put some back on after finding out he would be over. We need to fight, and we need to win so I took the fight. I’m used to being ready for anything that happens in boxing so I am not worried about him being bigger. I spar bigger guys so it’s not a big deal. It’s been a fun training camp. I trained for two months with my big brother Jamal James, helping him prepare for his fight.”

 Perez will be one of three professional bouts this evening. His Circle of Discipline teammate Celso Ramirez will make his pro debut against talented mixed martial arts striker Alex Wiggs. And Harold Calderon will face Ash Majek.
“I want to thank God, first” said Perez. I want to thank the fans and the Mexican crowd who will be there tonight in big numbers. My family, and I want to dedicate this fight to my baby (due to arrive in 6 months) and girlfriend.
The amateur boxing action begins at 4pm with the pro’s to follow. The night will conclude with the live showing of the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Andre Berto bout.

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